A residential solar installation for your home can not only add value to your property but help you to improve your lifestyle as well. With the installation of a residential solar system you can get access to a power generation solution that will help you save money as well as potentially generate a profit by selling your power back to the grid. You and your family can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that all of your power is being generated by a simple system harnessing the power of the sun.

Solar installations require very little maintenance after they are installed and after the initial cost of installation the payback period ranges but will generally just take a few years depending on your electricity rebate. Even a small residential solar installation can provide you with some massive cost savings on your energy bill from month to month. Installing one of these systems is an excellent way that you can consciously save money as well as add value to the overall price of your home. Many homes with solar arrays today are now selling much faster and also commanding a higher price on average than other homes in the area without solar panel installations.

A residential solar installation can be used on your roof or on other usable space throughout your property you can start with just a small system and potentially upgrade your solar power installations to eventually produce more power as needed. We solar arrays that are capable of powering entire commercial factories and very large homes you can start with a solar array system that will suit the needs of your family or your property and then expand from there.

Our residential solar installation is completed by only licensed and trained electricians. This ensures that we can remain safe on the job and that your solar panel installation can be tied directly into your home with little difficulty. Our technicians can perform several service appointments to check on the current state of your solar panel installation as well as to provide ongoing battery changes as needed. If you ever have an issue with the electric systems of your home or with your solar panels, contact us today.


We have helped many are service area use their extra space for commercial solar power. If you have a factory you may be interested to know that most of your electrical needs could be covered by a large-scale commercial solar system. Our staff can provide a quote for solar panel displays on your rooftop or in extra usable space on your property.

With the help of our commercial solar installation support you can have access to not only the best commercial solar panels on the market but the greatest level of expertise in our industry. Each of our staff members is a registered electrician and as a result we have the experience to tie your solar system into your company seamlessly.

We can also provide you with information on all of the potential rebates and savings associated with the installation of your solar panel system. By providing transparency with all the potential rebates that you could get access to you could potentially save money on the cost of installation as well as the ongoing payback on your commercial solar installation. We can even provide you with instructions on how you can work with your local electrical company to potentially make a profit off of the extra power your company is able to generate.

We have commercial solar installations that will work with almost any sized business or any amount of usable space that you might have on your property. With budget friendly options for businesses in almost any type of industry we have you covered for electrical needs as well as commercial solar installations. Jess Stone electrical can help your company adopt a new green power initiative as well as reduce your overall carbon footprint by generating all clean energy at your location. Contact our staff today to learn more about solar energy and power installation services and how we can help your business run on solar energy.


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